Delete Google Account on LG Stylo 3 FRP | Google Activation Lock Orange CA - 2019

by Ricardo Gonzalez January 16, 2019

Delete Google Account on LG Stylo 3 FRP | Google Activation Lock Orange CA - 2019

Deleting a Google account on LG Stylo 3 can be easy, if the account is deleted prior to resetting the phone, but can become a complete nightmare if the Google account is not removed prior to factory resetting the LG device. For this blog post we want to concentrate in helping those individuals who didn't delete a Google Account and as a result are currently stuck with a Google Activation Lock or factory reset protection (FRP lock). Our goal is to prepare you with the safest method to delete/remove a Google Activation Lock and resources so that it doesn't happen to you in the future.

I'll leave a table of context so feel free to skip ahead if you wish. 

***Rule of thumb: don't assume a phone in factory settings means it's ready to be used. Insert your sim card and go through the setup steps. Make a call, go online, send a written and picture text, and watch a video.***

Trust me this can save you a headache and money.

What is the purpose of a Google Activation Lock?

According to AndroidCentral a Google Activation Lock, also known as factory reset protection or FRP for short, is a security feature that was implemented to Android devices during the Android Lollipop software update. The Lollipop Android update implemented the FRP security feature that made it difficult for a stolen or lost phone to be completely wiped or factory reset, deter thieves, and protect the users information.    

How to properly factory reset a LG Stylo 3 to Avoid Google Activation Lock?

As another rule of thumb, remember to delete all Google Accounts from your LG Stylo 3 before resetting it (this rule can apply to any phone). We decided to add this section only for LG Stylo 3 because LG devices have an extra security feature that is activated if you don't delete the Google Account before factory resetting it through settings. 

We get a large number of customers coming to our repair shop asking us to delete/remove a Google Activation Lock. The top two reasons LG phones customers are more likely to come for FRP removal due to improper resetting the phone or purchasing Google account lock phone. 

Proper way to Factory Reset an Android:

  • Remove the Google Account on most Android phones: Settings App<General<Accounts & Sync< Click on Google Account Icon (if one isn't present then Google Account has already been deleted and can be factory Reset)<click on three dots on the top right corner<click "Remove" 
  • Factory Reset: Settings App<General<Backup & Reset<Factory Data Reset 

***Please Read Before purchasing any cell pone from a third-party app***

Don't assume the device is ready to be used just because it's already in factory settings. If the device has already been factory reset, make sure the phone doesn't have a Google Activation Lock by inserting your sim car and going through the set up steps and you get to the home page.

Take this opportunity to test the device. Make sure the phone can make a call, go online, send a text and picture, watch a video. We go into further detail in another blog post if you're interested. Buying Used Phones 

How to Bypass Google Account Lock When Google Activation Lock is Activated?

From doing research on this blog post we tried to find different solutions to bypass Google Account lock online. But these are only temporary solutions since eventually Google gets a hold of loopholes and patch them with an update. 

The only method that we has been working consistently is our method. This Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Removal or Google Activation Lock works on any Samsung, LG, Motorola, ZTE, and any other Android phone. This service can be done from the comfort of your own home. The process works within hours without rooting or flashing your device. It only cost $60 and can also be done at one of our locations in Santa Ana Main Place Mall or Orange California if you live locally.

This is our fail attempt on making a video of our process but it shows you the perspective of our customers doing it at home.

*We apologize for the video quality. We sent this video to a customer and we haven't had the opportunity to make a better one. 

Learn more by clicking on the link below. We suggest to give us a call for faster response.

FRP Google Account Removal

LG Stylo 3 FRP Google Account Removal Link 
Give us a call:
Invisible Armor Inc. 
Call (714) 553-7734

*Note this service doesn't remove any blacklist or balance associated with the device.   

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Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez