Water Damaged Phone? Here's What You Can Do to Minimize the Damage

by Rafael Huitzil June 30, 2023

Water Damaged Phone? Here's What You Can Do to Minimize the Damage

Accidents happen, and one common mishap that many smartphone users dread is water damage. Whether it's a spilled drink or an unexpected encounter with a pool, a water damaged phone can be a stressful experience. However, there are steps you can take to potentially salvage your device and minimize the damage. In this blog post, we'll explore some crucial actions you should take if you find yourself with a water damaged phone.

1. Act Fast:
Time is of the essence when dealing with a water damaged phone. The first and most crucial step is to retrieve the phone from the water source as quickly as possible. The longer it remains submerged, the greater the chance of irreparable damage. Remove it immediately to prevent further water penetration.

2. Power Off the Device:
Avoid the temptation to test if your phone still works. Instead, power it off immediately. Water can cause short circuits that may lead to permanent damage if the phone remains powered on. Press and hold the power button until the device shuts down, or use the designated power-off method for your particular model.

3. Remove External Components:
Next, remove any external accessories, such as cases, SIM cards, and memory cards. These items can trap moisture and potentially cause damage to the internal components. Take them out and pat them dry with a clean cloth.

4. Dry the Phone:
To remove excess moisture, gently wipe the phone's exterior with a soft, lint-free cloth. Be careful not to apply excessive pressure or rub the phone vigorously, as this can push water further into the device. Pay attention to any ports, buttons, or crevices where water may be trapped. You can also use an absorbent material, such as a towel or paper towel, to gently blot the phone.

5. Avoid Heat Sources:
Contrary to popular belief, using heat sources like hair dryers or ovens to dry a water damaged phone is not recommended. Excessive heat can cause further damage to the delicate internal components. Instead, opt for natural air drying methods.

6. Rice or Silica Gel Packs:
Placing the water damaged phone in a container filled with uncooked rice or silica gel packs can help absorb moisture from the device. Seal the container and leave the phone submerged for at least 24 to 48 hours. While this method is not foolproof, it has been known to aid in drying out the phone.

7. Seek Professional Help:
If the above steps haven't resolved the issue, it may be time to seek professional assistance. Take your phone to an authorized service center or a technician with experience in water damage repair. They have specialized tools and expertise to disassemble and properly assess the extent of the damage. They may be able to restore functionality or recommend appropriate repairs or replacements.

While a water damaged phone can be disheartening, all hope is not lost. By acting quickly and following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can increase your chances of minimizing the damage. Remember, prevention is the best strategy, so consider using waterproof cases or keeping your phone away from water sources in the future. If all else fails, consult a professional who can provide expert advice and guidance. Stay calm, take the necessary steps, and you might just be able to revive your water damaged phone.

Rafael Huitzil
Rafael Huitzil