Invisible Armor Warranty, Return and Exchange Policy

Return and Exchange Policy;
Sorry no refunds. Armor, labor, and repair services are nonrefundable.

Due the Corona Virus we currently don't expect exchanges for items purchased at Invisible Armor. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Repair Warranty;
Invisible armor APPLE repairs are accompanied by a ONE YEAR WARRANTY.  All Invisible Armor ANDROID or Window repairs are accompanied by a THREE MONTH WARRANTY. From the original purchase date as printed on the Invisible Armor repair receipt. The warranty covers the following: Invisible Armor labor and defective parts.If products are lost,stolen, or thrown away warranty is voided.

The warranty does not cover:physical damage (cracked screen/LCD or bent frames) or any damages due to, or if there is presence of liquid damage. Invisible Armor doesn't warrant any repair on devices with liquid damage, regardless if the liquid damage occurred before or after the repair warranty.

Touch IC Chip repair warranty is for six months, warranty is voided if the frame is bent, (liquid) damage, or has been opened by someone other than invisible Armor. Repairs done by Invisible Armor Inc. voids your warranty with your device's manufacturer. Invisible Armor is not responsible for the loss of data due to repair made by Invisible Armor.

Invisible Armor advises customers to do the following prior to any attempted repair; back up all data, check with manufactures warranty or Insurance policies. 

Invisible Armor is not affiliated with any tablet or mobile device manufacturer. 

Customers are responsible for inspecting all repaired devices prior to paying and leaving.

Unlock Services:
No warranty offered for unlock services. If the unlock service is unsuccessful, there is n charge or full payment will be refunded.

Cell Phone, Tablet & SmartWatch Purchases:
All Invisible Armor devices come with free 90 day warranty coverage.

Warranty coverage includes:

  • Labor and parts for all mechanical issues.
  • In case the device cannot be fixed, customer will be issued a similar item for replacement, or has the chance to pay the difference on what was spent before tax for an upgrade.

What's not covered:

  • Physical damage including cracked screens or LCD's.
  • Water or liquid damage.
  • Accidental damage related to misuse, abuse or other external causes.

Warranty coverage is voided if:

  • Device has been jailbroken.
  • Serial number or IMEI number has been removed or altered in any way.

Armor Warranty;

Invisible Armor charges a $5 to $25 replacement fee at each exchange, for all installed Invisible Armor device armor for each side of the device. At the time of the exchange, customer must surrender to Invisible Armor all film, glass, and skins to exchange these items for replacement for the same device. Customer may not exchange device armor for that device armor to fit a different model than what was originally purchased. Warranty is voided if the products are lost, stolen, or thrown away. Invisible Armor DOES NOT GUARANTEE NOR MAKES CLAIMS YOUR DEVICE IS INDESTRUCTIBLE!

If you have any questions or comments please call (714) 553-7734 or send an email to