Galaxy S9 Plus FRP Bypass | Bypass Google Account Lock - 2020

by Ricardo Gonzalez June 23, 2020

Galaxy S9 Plus FRP Bypass

 If you're reading this article then your probably having a difficult time trying to find the safest method to bypass Google account Lock on a used Samsung S9/S9 Plus you just bought. For this article I want to equip you with resources that will help you decide the best way to remove the Google Account on your second-hand phone or newly acquired Galaxy phone. 


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Why does Google Support Google Account Account Lock on Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus FRP?

Google supports Google Account Reactivation Lock to protect your information and prevent others people from accessing your device in the event your phone is lost, stolen, and/or misplaced. Google Account Reactivation Lock, is also known as Factory Reset Protection, FRP for short.

FRP is activated when someone factory resets the phone under the Android recovery settings and a Google account was not removed prior to the reset. 

***Rule of thumb: DON'T!!! Assume a phone in factory settings means it's ready to be used. Insert your sim card and go through the setup steps. Make a call, go online, send a written and picture text, and watch a video.***

Trust us. Save yourself a headache and test out the phone before purchasing a pre-owened phone.  

Option 1: Possible Free Methods to remove Google Account and do a Galaxy S9 Plus FRP Bypass?

We have done a tone of research in finding the safest ways to bypass a FRP lock or Google activation lock. For this article we will attempt to equip you with a free methods to do an a Galaxy S9 Plus FRP bypass and if that method does not work then we will show you an inexpensive way to bypass it with us.

First step is to determine the current software your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. In normal circumstances you can see the current software in settings. But obviously you can't do that so you can check the software through Android Recovery. To see what Android software your device currently is on do the following steps.

  1. Turn off the device  
  2. Hold Power Button, Volume Button Up, Bixby Button (below the volume button down
  3. Will be Below "Android RecoverySamsung S9 Plus Software

Disclaimer: We can't be held responsible if something happens with the device as a result of the YouTube video. Attempt this at your own risk.

Once you figure out the current software, the next thing you want to do is head over to YouTube. Yes this seems silly but I've seen some of these videos work for us and other people. Of course it may come at a risk considering you will most likely be required to download a APK file or the video may no longer be valid when you attempt it. But it may be worth trying it first. 

Anyway, on the YouTube search bar type in the model of the device and current software. Example "Galaxy S9 Plus FRP bypass Android 10". Try to find a recent video that has plenty of views and with a decent number of comments and Likes. Try reading the comments to see what people are saying. Typically try to see if they have comments of people succeeding with that particular process.

Option 2 - Paid Option

If you already tried option 1 or simply didn't feel comfortable doing it yourself, then the next method would be paid. This method would require you to find a trust worthy company to do the service.

Disclaimer: We are prohibited from recommending any particular company or listing due to liability issues. But we will give you three different sources for bypassing the Google account.

First suggestion: is for those who don't mind the risk. eBay is probably the cheapest option but of course it's difficult for us to suggest any reliable seller since they can easily make different accounts. But if successful it can run you from $5 - $20 on eBay. We recommend you pick a listing that has over 100 seller reviews.

Second suggestion: is to do a local Google search to find potential repair stores that unlock phones near you. In the Google search bar type phone unlocks in your city name and give these repair store a call ask for turnaround times price. google review is probably the most accurate method to finding trustworthy company.

Third suggestion: to bypass a Google account lock on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is to have us service your phone. We have a physical store. Located in Orange County California under company name Invisible Armor. Our method can be done locally or can be done remotely using your personal desktop or laptop. 

Here is a video on how we bypass Google account locks remotely. This shows the perspective of the buyer.

For those interested in having use service your Samsung S9 Plus, we recommend you contact us during normal business hours so we can set up an appointment. I'll leave all the information down below. Please note that the link says $60 but we actually charge $40 because we apply a $20 discount code at checkout

Link to purchase our service:

Samsung FRP Bypass

Give us a call:
Invisible Armor Inc. 
Call (714) 278-3611

Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez