Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus No Sound Problem Solved | No Audio

by Ricardo Gonzalez December 06, 2018

Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus No Sound Problem Solved | No Audio

The iPhone 7 Plus was released back in 2016 and since its initial launch the phone has had its share of hardware and software problems. In this article we'll be addressing a issue common to the iPhone 7 Plus in which the audio suddenly stops working.

iPhone 7 Plus owners began experiencing audio problems and charging problems within months after its release. Customers started reporting in having the ability to make and receive calls but no sound would come out. No audio indicates that the iPhone 7 Plus could have a faulty chip on the motherboard. 

Signs that you have a faulty audio chip on your iPhone 7 Plus:

  • The speaker button is grayed out when in a call
  • The iPhone takes long to boot up
  • Headphones don't function.
  • No sound can be heard from YouTube videos
  • Can't hear music
All these signs point to a damaged Audio IC chip on the logic board of the iPhone 7 Plus. The Audio IC chip essentially manages all audio.

What causes the iPhone 7 Plus to loose sound?

At the moment we can't pinpoint exactly what causes the audio ic chip failure but we have listed the most common reasons customers have reported down below:

  • After a software update
  • Charging over night
  • Dropped the phone
  • Have no idea!!!!

A majority of techs across the electronic and phone repair industry say Audio IC chip failure may be related to failed soldering joints or possible a bad board trace underneath the chip. In my opinion it sounds like a manufacture defect similar to the iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC in which the screen would flicker from the top of the screen and would leave the screen unresponsive.     

Options To Fixing iPhone 7 Plus No Audio IC?

We will say it here. This is not an issue we recommend you fix yourself. You need special soldering equipment and knowledge of motherboards to properly fix the audio. 

You can try troubleshoot it yourself by doing a factory reset or updating the software. That's pretty much all you can do before going to the next two options.  


Contacting the manufacture is a viable option if your willing to wait and pay. The biggest drawback is that you can wait all that time trying to work with Apple only to have them reject the phone or try to sell you refurbished phone for more than $300.

Currently the Audio IC, on the iPhone 7 Plus, is not on Apples Exchange and Repair Extension Program. This can change in the near future therefore we left a link to Apples exchange and repair program page. Its been two years since it's initial release so we highly doubt it will ever get added to this program. But then again the iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC issue was added to this list two-three years after its release for a small fee of $150 dollars........ 

Independent Electronic and Phone Repair Store (micro-soldering)

This is probably the best and fastest option. Just remember to do your research about the company you're sending your iPhone 7 Plus too. 

  • Don't let price be your only deciding factor. Remember you get what you pay for. $150-$135 is probably what most companies charge. 
  • Check Reviews on Yelp and Google. You want to make sure they're reliable and can be trusted with your device. Check for 5 star ratings and a high volume of reviews. Call different locations
  • Ask for warranty. Most independents phone repair stores offer three months, six months, one year, or lifetime warranties.
  • Ask how long it will take to repair the device. This is something that shouldn't be rushed so I think 24-48 hours should be enough time


Send it to us

We also offer Audio IC replacement for any iPhone 7 Plus for $150 and a six month warranty. We are located Orange County California so you can stop by if you live locally or you can mail to us. I'll leave the contact information at the end of this article.  

We also offer other micro soldering and motherboard iPhone repairs at our Orange County phone repair store. 

Hope this information was helpful for more information feel free to contact us or leave a comment down below. You can also ship in your iPhone for service. Simple contact us for more info. 

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