iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Repair | Flickering Screen Disease

by Ricardo Gonzalez March 29, 2017

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Repair | Flickering Screen Disease

iPhone 6 Plus had two major design flaws:

  1. Frames bent extremely easy
  2. Flickering Touch IC disease screen that leaves the screen unresponsive. 


Apple has the habit in releasing one model. Then releasing an updated version a year after. Think of the differences between the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s introduced everyone to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which was excluded from its predecessor. All generations since the iPhone 3G have followed this same pattern. Which is why I highly recommend waiting to upgrade until the S variant is released.  

The iPhone 6 Plus was launched on September 19, 2014 to compete directly with Samsung's Galaxy Note series. This 5.5 inch screen display was Apples answer to the increase demand from consumers who craved larger screen displays.

The iPhone 6 Plus had consumers and technology enthusiast both excited and skeptical. Individuals were excited because of the larger display, and skeptical because this product was essentially in beta. These individuals had every reason to be skeptical and this phone had two major flaws. One of the major flaws was that the device bent extremely easy. The other flaw was that it had the Touch IC disease. This is also known as the ghost touch, ghost screen, flickering screen, and defective screen. 

Touch IC Disease Explained:

The Touch IC disease is an Apple manufacture defective that left iPhone 6 Plus screens unresponsive. Early signs that the device is defective is the flickering on top of the screen (similar to the video posted above or the picture below). 

iPhone 6 Plus Flickering Screen

Many individuals thought this was caused by a damaged screen but in reality it was a defective chip located in the motherboard (see image below). The combination of a lack of underfill on the Touch IC chips, plus their relative position on the board seated on a span of board like a swinging bridge between two anchoring screws and the inherent 'bendiness' of the sexy, slim iPhone 6+ is a perfect set up for what we are seeing. 

iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Chips


At its infancy, repair shops were unsure what was causing this touch issue and would offer temporary solutions to the problem. Depending of the severeness of the chip, something as simple as putting pressure near the chip area would allow the consumer to use the iPhone 6 Plus. As more and more consumers began experiencing the same issue we came to the conclusion that it was an Apple manufacturing defect. If the iPhone 6 Plus was purchased within a year, then the issue was covered by Apples one year manufacture warranty. Anything after the year, Apple would have turned your device down and offer you a refurbish model for $300-$350. Luckily independent repair shops figured out a more permanent solution and would give an iPhone 6 Plus a second chance in life. 

Apple recently started offering their customers the opportunity to fix the iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC for $149 with certain restrictions (read the link below for more information).Which I find a bit ridiculous considering it's a manufacturing defect. They shouldn't be charging consumers for a defect that was caused by the manufacture. But that's just my opinion.  

Follow the Link for more information.

Invisible Armor Touch IC Disease Fix



We also offer Touch IC replacement for any iPhone 6 Plus for $150 and a six month warranty. We are located Orange County California so you can stop by if you live locally or you can mail to us. I'll leave the contact information at the end of this article.  

We also offer other micro soldering and motherboard iPhone repairs at our Orange County phone repair store. 

Hope this information was helpful for more information feel free to contact us or leave a comment down below. 

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Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez