iPhone X

by Rafael Huitzil April 19, 2022

iPhone X

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The iPhone X feature Apple’s first attempt at an all-screen smartphone covering the majority of the device’s footprint. The display reserves space on the top rig to accommodate the front-facing camera that functions as a facial-scanner that unlocks the device when a registered face is detected; this function is named “FaceID”.

Apple have removed the TouchID sensor completely providing the “all-screen” experience. The screen is Apple’s largest smartphone display, at 5.8-inches, with an 18:9 screen ratio. The screen also features an OLED HDR display with a pixel density of 458 ppi, this display is Apple’s first OLED device and also highest pixel density.

The dual-camera setup has been re-orientated to a vertical layout, the components are a near-replica of the iPhone 8, the major difference being a dual optical image stabilisation support of the iPhone X instead of a single on the other. The device comes with a 7-megapixel camera that features Apple’s Portrait mode and Animoji.

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Rafael Huitzil
Rafael Huitzil