iPhone Fat Batteries are Causing Screens to Lift & Damage the LCD July 31 2017

Battery pregnancy is on the rise and researches have researched that the leading cause of this epidemic are charging habits. As a result, battery pregnancy is at an all-time high.!!

Bulging occurs usually due to overcharging a battery, or faulty charging component. The following are suggestions to minimize bulging batteries.

Tips to Reduce a Bulging Battery

1. Get a certified charger from Best Buy or any other trusted store. Certified chargers have chips dedicated to prevent overcharging, which is why they cost a bit more. Preferably try to purchase an original charger even though it may be difficult to purchase the original charger on certain devices.  

2. Resist the temptation on leaving your device charging overnight. This may be the most difficult to accomplish considering that our battery life at the end of the day may be running low. 

3. Only charging your device once the battery percentage is under 15%. The reasoning behind this one is that you don't want your device charging all the time.