3 Reasons To Keep Your Smartphone’s Apps Updated

by Repair Lift April 05, 2021

3 Reasons To Keep Your Smartphone’s Apps Updated

Owning a smartphone is all fun and games until you have to download and install applications and system updates. Read on to learn why it’s important to stay on track with software updates.

As a smartphone owner, you know how convenient and fun it is to own a device that fits in your pocket and can do it all. From taking photos to communicating with people at work, we all know that smartphones are great additions to our lives.

You may own an Android smartphone or an iPhone, but at the end of the day, you enjoy the benefits enjoyed by everyone on either side. This means you know how crucial applications are. Essential ones such as Gmail and Instagram probably ring a few bells.

You probably have them on your smartphone, and you’re fully aware of how often you need to download updates for them. The whole download and installation process can be a nightmare when you’re itching to use those apps, making you choose to delay the updates.

But are you aware of the importance of software updates and why you should let your smartphone download and install them?

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t delay those updates that won’t take a lot of time and effort:

1. They come with security improvements

In a highly-digital environment, security is a top concern. To the people who create applications and continuously work on them to keep them working, there’s an endless list of tasks to do when it comes to improving an app’s security.

They take a lot of time to keep their own and your data secure, which means with every update they put out, comes better security features that will achieve better security.

No matter what applications you have on your phone, make sure you take time to download and install updates when they’re available. Doing this won’t take more than a few taps.

2. Updates come with fixes for known issues

Just recently, Google rolled out an update for the Android System WebView and Google Chrome to fix reported issues of Android applications crashing. This came as a result of some users reporting apps crashing on their Android smartphones with the system reporting WebView as the culprit.

Now, this is a strong case that backs up the importance of keeping your apps up-to-date. When you and other users encounter issues with a specific app, you have the power to report those issues. Developers are responsible for taking action. They do so by releasing fixes through updates.

You won’t get the fix if you avoid updating the specific app you’re having issues with. This is one of the few things smartphone repairs can’t fix.

3. You get new features

If security and fixes didn’t entice you, we bet brand-new features will. Updates rolled out by developers, especially major ones, come with new features. Some updates get rid of others and add new ones, which makes it crucial for you to update if you’re after those.

If you’re not a fan of new user interfaces and find them confusing, you can choose to delay updates for some time, but the app will update on its own either way. There will come a time when the app won’t continue after launch without a required update.


All in all, there’s no strong reason to avoid downloading and installing updates, especially if app developers deem getting them necessary. They may take a bit of your time, but that’s nothing compared to the improved security, performance, compatibility, and ease of use.

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