Magnetic Wireless Car Charger 15 Watt

Product Description

This magnetic car charger is a great way to keep your phone charged while you're on the go. It features a built-in Qi wireless charging smart chip that supports 15W wireless charging, so you can quickly and easily charge your phone. The charger also supports 360° rotation, so you can easily position your phone for charging. It has a super magnet force that will keep your phone securely in place, even on bumpy roads. The charger also has built-in overheating protection and short circuit protection to ensure the safety of your equipment.

 MagSafe compatible

It will also work with any other phone that supports wireless charging, including iPhones, Samsung phones, and many other models.


Product Attributes

  • Name: Magnet mobile phone charger
  • Input interface: USB car charger power supply
  • Input: 9 v
  • Output: 15 w
  • Function: Built-in magnet absorbs the phone without falling off, charging while navigating
  • Packing List:
    • Charger * 1
    • Cable * 1
    • Manual * 1


  • Built-in Qi wireless charging smart chip
  • Supports 15W wireless charging
  • 360° rotation
  • Super magnet force
  • Built-in overheating protection and short circuit protection


  • Quickly and easily charge your phone
  • Easily position your phone for charging
  • Keep your phone securely in place
  • Protect your phone from overheating and short circuits

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