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Click here if your have ever thought about purchasing a cell phone or tablet from a third party seller. We highly recommend this blog post before you purchase that iPhone.

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Phones Available:

Apple Watch



iPhone 7 Plus 32G Gold GSM unlocked   $600

iPhone 7 Plus 32G Matte black Verizon unlocked $600

iPhone 7 256G Rose Gold  AT&T Unlocked  $650

iPhone 6 16G Space Grey AT&T or Cricket  $300

iPhone 5s 16g Gold Tmobile or Metro pcs $180 

iPhone 5s 16g Space Gray Straight Talk $165

iPhone 5 16g Gold Sprint & Boost Mobile $150

iPhone 5 16G Grey Verizon Unlocked $150

iPhone 5c 32G Blue AT&T Unlocked $150

iPhone 4s 16g Verizon only  $70


iPad Mini 1 Black 16g wifi & Cellular $150

iPad Air 2 16G White Wifi & Cellular  $350



Samsung Galaxy S8 64g Black Tmobile T-Mobile and Metro PCS brand new $750

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32G Black Verizon Unlocked $425

Samsung Note 5 32g T-Mobile and Metro PCS $450

Samsung Note 4 32G T-Mobile and Metro PCS $250

Samsung Note 3 T-Mobile and Metro PCS    $150

Samsung S5 32g T-Mobile and Metro PCS $150

Samsung S4 Unlocked Korean version with antenna $150

Samsung Galaxy Sol Cricket Gold     $60

Samsung Grand prime AT&T and Cricket   $70   

Samsung Core Prime T-Mobile $60

Samsung Express 3 At&t and Cricket $50

Samsung Grand Prime T-Mobile and Metro PCS $90

Samsung Galaxy J1 Verizon $50

Samsung Tablets 

Samsung Tab 3 8.0 WiFi and cellular  $80

Samsung Tab 4 8.0 WiFi and cellular   $110

Samsung Tab A 8.0                               $130

Samsung Tab A 9.7 Wifi only                $190                 


 Motorola G4 Play Verizon Prepaid $90

Motorola G Play GSM Unlocked $100


Sony Xperia Z3 Tmobile & Metro pcs  $130


 ZTE Prestige 8g Boost Mobile  $60


Blackberry Priv 32 GB T-Mobile and Metro PCS $280 


HTC M9 Tmobile Unlocked $250  

HTC M8 Tmobile & Metro pcs    $140

HTC Desire 512 Cricket      $60

HTC Desire T-Mobile and Metro PCS $60


Alcatel Onetouch Tmobile & Metro PCS only  $65

Alcatel Onetouch 7 inch tablet       $50

Alcatel One Touch Allura GSM Unlocked $100

Alcatel Pixi Theatre Cricket $100


LG G5 T-Mobile and Metro PCS NEW $380

LG G4 32g T-Mobile and Metro PCS    $200

LG G3 Tmobile & Metro pcs only           $140

LG G Flex Tmobile & unlocked             $150

LG K10 Metro PCS                               $100

LG K7 T-Mobile Unlocked                     $100

LG Pheonix AT&T and Cricket             $100

LG Stylo T-Mobile Unlocked                 $100

LG K8 V Verizon Prepaid                      $90

LG Leon 8g T-Mobile and Metro PCS  $60


Nokia Lumia  975 Tmobile & Metro pcs only $50

Nokia Lumia  925 Tmobile & Metro pcs only $60

Nokia Lumia  530 Tmobile & Metro pcs only $30

Nokia Lumia  521 Tmobile & Metro pcs only $35


Blu Studio G D790u GSM Unlocked $50

Blu Dash G Unlocked$80

Blu Dash L2 Unlocked  $40


Kycovera Hydro C6740 T-Mobile and Metro PCS $60

Phones Sold 


iPhone 6s 16g Unlocked Sold

iPhone 6 Plus 16g Tmobile & Metro pcs only  sold 

Apple Watch sport 42mm brand new Sold

iPhone 4s 16G unlocked  Sold 

iPad Mini 2 16G Wifi & Cellular  Sold 

iPad Mini 4 16G Wifi & Cellular  Sold

iPad Air 1 16G Wifi & Cellular  Sold 

IPad Pro 9.7 32G Wifi Brand New Sold 

Samsung Note 4 Tmobile only blue Sold

Samsung Note 3 unlocked  Sold 

Samsung Note 4 Verizon Unlocked White Sold

Samsung S2 Unlocked Sold 

Samsung S3 Sprint Sold 

Samsung S3 Tmobile Sold

Samsung S4 Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Sprint Unlocked Gold Sold 

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Sprint Unlocked Silver Sold

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gold unlocked Sold 

Samsung Galaxy Avant Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

Samsung Tab S 10" WiFi and cellular  Sold 

Motorola Nexus 6 Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

Motorola droid 1080  Verizon  Sold 

Sony Xperia Z1 Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

Sony Xperia Z1S Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

Sony Xperia Z3 Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

HTC M8 Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

HTC M8 Verizon Sold 

HTC Desire 626s Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

HTC Windows phone Tmobile & Metro pcs  Sold 


HTC Windows 8x T-mobile or Metro pcs  Sold 

LG G2 Tmobile & unlocked Sold 

LG G3 Tmobile & Metro pcs only Sold 

LG G4 Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

LG G5 Tmobile & Metro pcs Sold 

LG G Flex Tmobile & unlocked   Sold

LG Stylo H631 Tmobile & Metro pcs only  Sold 

LG Optimus L90 D415 Tmobile & Metro pcs only   Sold 

ZTE ZMax Z970  t mobile or metro pcs only Sold

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