iPhone XS Battery Replacement

iPhone XS Battery Replacement

Looking for a reliable and affordable iPhone battery replacement service? Look no further than our professional technicians at Invisible Armor

Over time, iPhone batteries naturally degrade and may need to be replaced. When it's time to do a battery replacement, our experienced technicians can help. We specialize in repairing iPhones from the 6s all the way up to the latest 13 Pro Max models.

Our technicians use only high-quality replacement batteries to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Plus, we offer a hassle-free one-year warranty on all of our battery replacements, giving you peace of mind knowing that your device is in good hands.

  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of replacing an iPhone XS is $80

  • How long does it take? 
    With an appointment, the time it takes to replace an iPhone XS battery is typically 30-45 minutes.

  • One-year warranty: We offer a one-year warranty on all iPhone XS battery replacements. This means that if your battery fails within one year of your repair, we will replace it for free.
  • What should you do before you have the battery replaced? Before you have your iPhone XS battery replaced, be sure to back up your phone. You can do this by connecting your phone to a computer and using iTunes or Finder, or by using iCloud.
  • What should you expect after you have the battery replaced? After you have your iPhone XS battery replaced, you should expect to see a significant improvement in battery life. Your phone should last longer on a single charge, and you should also see a reduction in the amount of time it takes to charge your phone.

If you're thinking about replacing the battery in your iPhone XS, I recommend doing it sooner rather than later. A new battery can make a big difference in the performance of your phone, and it can help to extend the life of your device.

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of your iPhone XS battery:

  • Keep your phone cool. Heat can damage your battery, so try to keep your phone cool when you're using it. Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight or in hot cars.
  • Turn off features you don't need.Features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS can drain your battery, so turn them off when you're not using them.
  • Use a power-saving mode. Your iPhone has a power-saving mode that can help to extend battery life. To enable power-saving mode, go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode.
  • Get a battery case. A battery case can give your iPhone an extra boost of battery life, especially if you're a heavy user.
  • Replace your battery when it's time. Like all batteries, the battery in your iPhone XS will eventually need to be replaced. Apple recommends replacing your battery when it reaches 80% of its original capacity. You can check the battery health of your iPhone by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.
  • If you are looking for a reliable and affordable iPhone XS battery replacement, please contact us today or make an appointment online. 


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