Liquid Damage-Cell Phone Water Damage Repair

iPhone in Rice
Steven Depolo

Dropped a cell phone in the water?
Now what?

Don't stick your cell phone in a bag of rice because it only removes 14% of the water. Instead:

1st step

Shut off your cell phone

This will help prevent a short circuit and reduce further damage

2nd Step

Don't plug in your charger

Water and electricity don't like each other. 

3rd Step

Stop by a local repair shop

Opening the device and removing the excess water is crucial to its survival 

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Risk-Free Pricing

We have success in about 70% if all water damage cell phone devices. If it doesn't work then you don't pay us anything.

Our Price is
$49.99 + Parts

The price of parts depends on the device. Invisible Armor will contact you before we replace any parts. 

No Life= No Charge

It's hassle free. Worst thing you can do it is never give your cell phone a second chance in life. 

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