Samsung Galaxy Note 3 3000mAh Rechargeable External Battery Black Case

$ 69.99

Extend your battery life with the Invisible Armor Rechargeable Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Equipped with 3000mAh power capacity, this extended battery provides the extra battery life you desperately need in case of emergency. Featuring an expandable slide top for easy installation and media kickstand for viewing, it lets you watch your favorite shows with ease. The lightweight low profile battery case contains 4 Blue LED light power indicators and can be fully charged with any micro USB cable or USB 3.0 that is connected to a wall adapter or computer.

- 3000mAh power capacity: Input: 5V/0.5Ah, Output: 5V/0.5mAh
- Ergonomic design, lightweight
- Cover is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic
- 4 Blue LED light power indicators
- Built-in overcharge protection
- Integrated power switch allows you to power on/off battery case
- Can be charged with a USB 3.0 or micro USB cable

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