iPhone 6 Screen Repair

iPhone 6

-$69 Screen Replacement
-$89 LCD Replacement (Image or Touch Not Working)

Repair time  15-30 minutes 

We offer a Lifetime warranty, covering any malfunctions to all repaired parts.

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We Also Offer:

Water Damage Restoration                $50.00 + Parts

Charging Port Replacement               $59.99

Frame Swap                                        (Call for More Information)

Battery Replacement                          $59.99

Home Button Replacement                $39.99                                        

Power Button Replacement               $59.99

Volume Button Replacement             $59.99

Front Camera Replacement              $39.99

Back Camera  Replacement              $59.99

Loud Speaker Replacement              $39.99

Ear Speaker Replacement                 $39.99

Microphone Replacement                  $59.99

Headphone Jack Replacement         $59.99

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