SmartPhone Hacks and Tips

Disable Lock Screen Notifications for iPhone & iPad June 26 2017

How to Turn Off lock screen notifications for Any App on iPhone & iPad This works the same in all versions of iOS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: Open the “Settings” app Tap on “Notifications” Scroll and select the app you want to disable the notifications for Swipe “Show on Lock Screen” to OFF Repeat to disable for other apps

Disable Red Badge Icon from Apps on iOS June 26 2017

Tired of seeing those annoying red badge notification icons on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)? If you're not a fan of those visual alerts (like we are) then this article is right for you. You can disable these red badge notifications from appearing in your screen. iOS refers to these notifications as "Badge App Icons" and can be disabled on each individual application.  How to Turn Off Badge App...

5 Cell Phone Battery Saving Tips June 16 2017

Your cell phone battery life is at 10% and now you are struggling to find ways to extend the remaining battery. These next five tips will help you extend your battery regardless if your device is currently at 100% or 10%.   Tip #1:Turn off locations (GPS) and WiFi Turn the GPS off if you’re not using your GPS or Maps software. Location services often transmit or receive a signal to...

iPhone 7/7 Plus Isn't Charging Properly-Simple Fix June 07 2017

Your brand new iPhone 7/7 Plus isn't charging properly and now you are frustrated that your phone is about to die. What if I told you that you can probably fix it yourself. This can be one of two issues: Issue #1: Charging port has physical damage or missing prongs  Issue #2: Charger port has dirt or lint stuck inside Issue #2  is the most common problem iPhone users have....

Smart Phone Hacks: 8 Steps to Save Your iPhone May 26 2017

Steven Depolo Dropped an iPhone in the water? Now what? Don't stick your cell phone in a bag of rice. The rice only removes about 14% of the water and leaves the water inside the phone untouched. Instead: Shut off your iPhone This will help prevent a short circuit and reduce further damage to the device.  Don't plug in your charger Water and electricity don't get along. Just imagine liking an...

5 Tips to Buying Used Cell Phones May 02 2017

Buying used electronic devices can save you money. But of course this comes with some risk. Mobile apps such as OfferUp and LetGo have made it extremely simple to purchase, sell or give away used personal belongings. Hence, for this article we want minimize that risk and focus on individuals interested in purchasing a used cell phone or tablet.  The issue with these apps are the accountability if the item...

iPhone 6 Plus Flickering Touch IC Screen Disease. Factory Defect? March 29 2017

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