iPhone 8 Rumors & Potential Leaks July 27 2017

iPhone 8 Leaked Photos

Lets face, we are all waiting to upgrade our current device in anticipation that the iPhone 8 or iPhone X ( no official name has been released by Apple) will be something spectacular. The iPhone 8 will mark Apples 10 year anniversary, hence the potential iPhone X name, since the launch of the first iPhone. There is many rumors roaming the airways of the internet. So we figured we would compile day-to-day updates on rumors and potential leaks. 

Of course these are rumors and most may not come true. The purpose of this content is to be informative. 

July 18, 2017-iPhone 8 Potential Release Dates

According to trusted sources before the release of the iPhone 8 Apple will release the iPhone 7s & iPhone 7s Plus (yes you read that correctly) late August to early September. The iPhone 8 is expected to be in mass productions a few months after. Therefore these delays mean that we will not see the iPhone 8 until possibly after December if not until 2018. 

July 20, 2017-iPhone 8 Touch ID Changes

In the latest rumors we have the iPhone 8 with a potential larger power button. These are potential rumors that Apple might attach the touch id to the power button. This would be extremely interesting considering that not many companies have successfully attached a finger print sensor with the power button. Stay tune for more updates.